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January 1998

RE: Radiator Conversion from Caterpillar folded core to conventional core radiator.

Over the past few years we have changed several 980C and 988B Caterpillar wheel loader radiators from folded core to conventional core radiators. This has solved several different problems for us. The lack of cooling capacity of the folded core on the 980C’s & 988B’s caused premature hydraulic and transmission problems in a load and carry operation. These machines, when working hard, would experience torque converter overheating. The operator would have to stop the machine until the converter and water temperature would cool to operating range. In addition to the operational problems, we noted that when we disassembled power train components from these machines all the o-ring seals, lip seals, and power train oil hoses would be hardened from heat to the point that they would crumble in your hands.

The hydraulic cooler modules in the folded core, like the rest of the modules, were impossible to clean. Hydraulic oil temperatures, in warm weather, would run extremely high. This in turn caused cylinder packing and hoses to harden and leak. We have been using these radiator conversions for 2 years to date. The machines we have changed over to the conventional cores have had no cooling problems in any type of operation.

I would like to thank RJR Radiator and their staff for helping me to cure my customers cooling system needs!


Gary Clark

The Melvin Stone Company

Melvin, Ohio

P.O. Box 158 Sabina, Ohio 45169-0158

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To whom it may concern:

I wish to thank RJR Radiator, Inc. for suggesting to replace the Caterpillar folded module radiator core with a standard-type core (the LeMaster Conversion). The 5 cores you have installed (2-988B and 3-769C) in our Caterpillar loaders and trucks have been performing better than our expectations. We have experienced less overheating of the transmission and engine. We had previously had overheating problems with the old style folded core, but this has been eliminated with the new standard-type cores. We do not have to clean the standard cores as much as we did with the folded cores. We went from once a week to once a month cleaning of the radiator core. As you well know, time is money. With not having to shut down the machines for repairs, we have more time for hauling and loading stone. This means more money for us! Also, the expense we have saved from not having to shut down the machine for transmission and engine repairs is well in our favor. It is reassuring to know that your company is out to help others to save money and not to just make money for yourselves.

Purchasing Agent

Melvin Stone Company

John Bosier



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